Unique Fringe Activities Singapore As Ice Breakers At A D&D

Unique Fringe Activities Singapore As Ice Breakers At A D&D! Imagine that you have arranged for a D&D with a great DJ playing fabulous music, and all your guests are just sitting around and looking at each other. This calls for an ice-breaker, and here is some Unique Fringe Activities Singapore for D&D that can create the perfect environment for your guests to get on the dance floor.

Ice breakers at any party can help in making the guests comfortable and helps them to get to know each other. These fringe activities for D&D are recommended and beneficial, especially if you have guests who may not know each other very well. The ice breaker activities can be used at any time of the event when you feel that the party is slowing down. There are many ice-breaking ideas for your D&D event, and some of them need preparation. However, all of these are sure to enliven your party.

Unique Fringe Activities Singapore:

Try Snowball

Try Snowball at your D&D event, and the best part about this game is that guests of all ages can play it.

Try Snowball at your D&D event, and the best part about this game is that guests of all ages can play it. The game does not need any preplanning and starts with a specific couple. Here one couple, which is usually the host couple, starts to dance. The DJ then stops the music and says Snowball. The dancing couple will now split, and they will each select a new partner and bring them on the dance floor. The original couple now dances with the new partner. The DJ stops playing the music and again calls Snowball. The four on the dance flow split and get four new partners and continue to dance with a new partner. This goes on until all the guests are on the dance floor.

Unique Fringe Activities Singapore: Play Balloon Stomp

Balloon Stomp is an excellent game. It particularly likes fringe activities for D&D on a birthday or a New Year celebration. Most of the time, balloons are a part of the celebration. Every guest needs to pull out their shoes to pop the balloons.

Each participant will get one balloon with a ribbon length of 36 inches. The balloon has to be tied to one ankle, and when all are ready, they need to move to the dance floor. As the music starts, all start to dance, and while dancing, each guest has to pop someone else’s balloon. However, he should ensure that his balloon is not popped. The last person who has his balloon intact wins the game.

Lastly, Tagging the Table

Tagging the Table game works great for guests of all ages and is one of the popular fringe activities for D&D.

The Tagging the Table game works great for guests of all ages and is one of the popular and unique fringe activities Singapore for D&D. For this game, you will have to place a tent card on every table with the name of a dance. When the DJ calls out the name on the card, everyone sitting at that table stands up and dances at their seats. The DJ may also call out the name, and the guests seated at the table have to come on the dance floor. He then calls out another card, and this keeps going on till all get a chance to dance on the floor. The best performing table is then selected.

It is essential to keep in mind that the unique fringe activities Singapore for D&D that you arrange are set as per the age and the personality of your guests. It is crucial to always remember to be adaptive and be sensitive to the receiver who will be receiving it. The unique fringe activities Singapore as ice breakers work wonders, be it a wedding, a New Year Party, or for any social gathering.


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2020 Top 5 Fringe Activities for Dinner And Dance

Fringe Activities! Are you planning to throw a dinner and dance event for your friends? Here are some fringe activities for Dinner and Dance that is sure to get your guests moving. You can never miss out on gathering Corporate Gifts and by knowing the key essentials of Corporate Gifting, you can actually successfully win your attendee’s hearts.


This is a fun game and tests the endurance and pain threshold of your guests. For this activity, you will have to lay out some mats and need bricks that should be strewn on them. You may want to use the Lego bricks for the same. Your guests will have to form teams of 10 each. Each of the team members has to walk on the mat, and his goal is to reach the end of the line. This then has to be done by the next member of his team.

It is challenging because the participants will have to walk barefoot on the Lego brick. They are not allowed to yell or to sigh and should also not fall off. The team that can complete the challenge first is declared the winner.

Tug of war

One of the fun fringe activities for Dinner and Dance is a tug of war. This is a game that has been a favorite for ages and does not fail to entertain. You will have to form two teams. Get a strong rope and watch as each team pulls the other.

Piñata for the adults

Want to make your dinner and dance party a memorable one? Then plan to hang a piñata and let your guests compete with each other to grab the gifts. You will see how these fringe activities for Dinner and Dance becomes a huge hit where your adult guests will be fighting and pulling to get the maximum gifts. You can put in glitter pens, candies, custom stickers, or even coupons in the piñata for your guests to fight over. And who said that piñatas could be fun only for kids?

Temporary tattoo booth

Tattoos are a favorite whatever be the event, and when you are throwing a dinner and dance party, then you can consider setting up a tattoo booth. It is a great idea to hire trained artists who can create customized tattoos. The guests can then get creative and come up with ideas of what they would like to get inked.

Set up a technology drive photo booth

Thinking hard about the fringe activities for Dinner and Dance? Photo Booth has many benefits that are beneficial for your event! We are obsessed with photos and posting them on social media. However, you do not have to choose the customary selfie booths that are common at all parties. Make your D&D unique with mirror selfies. These are interactive mirrors that come with a fun interface and are also user- friendly. Guests need to touch the screen and see the animations. They can thus get themselves snapped with the background of their choice. The mirror also allows signing in their name and adding emojis or drawing pictures. This will be fun for your guests.

Select from these fringe activities to make your dinner and dance party a huge success. You must brainstorm on this a bit because you do not want your guests to be left bored at your party. These fringe activities are great entertainers and, at the same time, allow socializing.


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Disney themed photo booth for a birthday party

Photo booths are a great addition to any home party. Whatever the reason for the party, from graduations to birthdays, summer barbecues and proms a photo booth is always an instant hit with people of all ages and adds the fun element.

When it comes to children’s birthday party, the first theme that comes to mind is Disney. There is some kind of Disney character that children of any age will like, from Mickey mouse to Elsa! The birthday child and the children that come for the party will be absolutely thrilled. I am sure that there are enough adults who would enjoy a Disney theme too.

If you are ready to spend an extra $500 for your child’s birthday party you can get about two to three hours of a photo booth, indoors or outdoors with a whole set of Disney props and if you throw in another couple of hundred dollars, you will get in extras like HD photos on DVD, video of the whole photo booth experience, extra time and much more.

If you think all this is too expensive, have a great Disney themed party with everything from plates to glasses from the Disney collection and also get Disney themed props which are available fairly cheap and make your own Disney photo booth at home at a fraction of the cost. There are enough guides on how to create your own photo booths with printable props available online and ideas of what you can do for backdrops.

Questions to ask the photo booth company before deciding on one:

  • Are they available for the dates you want?
  • How long have they been on business? Will they be able to provide references?
  • Do they have insurance? Even if is slightly expensive, get someone with insurance cover just in case there are any accidents.
  • How big is the photo booth? How many people can fit in the booth at one time? Will they have enough props? Kids have more fun when they can take pictures together and sometimes there could be more than one Mickey mouse or Elsa wanting to take pictures together. The company should be able to provide for this. Also if more people are allowed into the booth at the same time, it will reduce queues of waiting to get in.
  • Will they give reprints on site? In case there is more than one person at a time, everyone that comes to the booth should get a copy of their photos.
  • What different prices/packages do they have? What is included in each package?
  • What kind of equipment they use? They should have professional equipment if they charge you professional rates.
  • Is it possible to get custom layouts? Is it possible to get other layouts other than the usual photo strips?
  • Do they have a photo booth to suit your needs – open air, drape, pipe or homemade booth?
  • Will they be able to get background/props to match your colour theme?
  • Will they have a signed contract?


Forget The 10 Essentials Of Corporate Gift Buying – At Your Own Peril

Corporate gifting has become a regular ritual in most of the business establishments. It is seen as an opportunity to appreciate the clients and encourage the employees.  With several professional agencies that aid in the corporate gifting or innumerable online options available, one is spoiled for choice. For many, instead of helping, the various choices result in confusion. It would help to remember the following before embarking on the process of corporate gifting.

  • Know your recipients – Selecting a gift for a personal friend is quite difficult. Now consider selecting one for a person with whom you share only a professional relationship, whose personal tastes you do not know. Best option in this case would be a gift card, if that sounds too impersonal, stick to generic gifts such as calendars or fruit baskets.
  • The policies, yours and theirs’ – Both your organization and the client’s organization might have corporate policies that prohibit giving/receiving gifts or limit the dollar value of such gifts. It is to ensure the gift isn’t being considered as a bribe. Check tax implication too.
  • Think before you gift cash – Even if you are not sure of what to buy, do not consider cash as a gift. It is socially inappropriate. Resort to gift cards instead. It would be preferred by the recipients too as it gives them the power to choose.
  • Cultures are different, so should your gift be – With the business world shrinking, one operates with people and establishments from different part of the world. The customs and practices might vary greatly and it is prudent to check what is appropriate as per the culture or practice of your client. What is appropriate in one culture might be offensive in another. A customised wine bottle which is quite normal in the west would be considered highly inappropriate in Islamic culture. A gift wrapper in white is highly offensive in China.
  • Be sensitive to gender – Just like culture differences, gender differences also should be taken into account. Gifts should not be sexist or demeaning. Also gifting make-up accessories to female associates might be considered as undesired intrusion.
  • Give only the good goods – What you are gifting reflects on the quality of your business and services and hence opt only for good quality products.
  • Personalize – A handwritten note would talk volumes of your gesture rather than just a store bought gift. Delivering it personally would result in loads of appreciation for you.
  • It is not all about the company – Many times the logos in the gifts would appear so prominently that employees/clients might hesitate to use it in public. Subtlety is the key.
  • The Cover is judged – A gift wrapper makes the first impression. Even a great gift could evoke unpleasant feeling if the packaging is shoddy.
  • Time it – Ensure that the gift reaches the intended recipient on time. Plan your shopping ahead, the budget approvals in your company might take time.

With adequate care, corporate gifting would be a wonderful opportunity to enhance the business relationships.