Disney themed photo booth for a birthday party

Photo booths are a great addition to any home party. Whatever the reason for the party, from graduations to birthdays, summer barbecues and proms a photo booth is always an instant hit with people of all ages and adds the fun element.

When it comes to children’s birthday party, the first theme that comes to mind is Disney. There is some kind of Disney character that children of any age will like, from Mickey mouse to Elsa! The birthday child and the children that come for the party will be absolutely thrilled. I am sure that there are enough adults who would enjoy a Disney theme too.

If you are ready to spend an extra $500 for your child’s birthday party you can get about two to three hours of a photo booth, indoors or outdoors with a whole set of Disney props and if you throw in another couple of hundred dollars, you will get in extras like HD photos on DVD, video of the whole photo booth experience, extra time and much more.

If you think all this is too expensive, have a great Disney themed party with everything from plates to glasses from the Disney collection and also get Disney themed props which are available fairly cheap and make your own Disney photo booth at home at a fraction of the cost. There are enough guides on how to create your own photo booths with printable props available online and ideas of what you can do for backdrops.

Questions to ask the photo booth company before deciding on one:

  • Are they available for the dates you want?
  • How long have they been on business? Will they be able to provide references?
  • Do they have insurance? Even if is slightly expensive, get someone with insurance cover just in case there are any accidents.
  • How big is the photo booth? How many people can fit in the booth at one time? Will they have enough props? Kids have more fun when they can take pictures together and sometimes there could be more than one Mickey mouse or Elsa wanting to take pictures together. The company should be able to provide for this. Also if more people are allowed into the booth at the same time, it will reduce queues of waiting to get in.
  • Will they give reprints on site? In case there is more than one person at a time, everyone that comes to the booth should get a copy of their photos.
  • What different prices/packages do they have? What is included in each package?
  • What kind of equipment they use? They should have professional equipment if they charge you professional rates.
  • Is it possible to get custom layouts? Is it possible to get other layouts other than the usual photo strips?
  • Do they have a photo booth to suit your needs – open air, drape, pipe or homemade booth?
  • Will they be able to get background/props to match your colour theme?
  • Will they have a signed contract?